Kottamkudi, South India's highest camping site

cliff hutMore foreigners know about Kottamkudi than the locals. The peak above the Kottamkudi valley faces one of the highest mountain ranges in the South India. A short walk through the tea estates from Yellappetty near Munnar and a steep climb will take you there.

Trekking the crest lines of the mountains, you can have a 360-degree view of forests and tea estates in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On the Southern side, lies the deep East Valley of Meesapulimala-- the highest peak in the region next to Anamudi.

Down on the shoulder is cliff hut, a camping site run by trackfinder adventures. They claim that it is South India’s highest camping haven (2160 metres).

You will see strobilanthes and other flowering species on the sides of the mountains while Rododendrons adore the crest lines. Birds and butterflies roam around and you may spot a wild animal or two on rare occasions. The place is cold, yet relaxing. After a glorious sunrise over the mountains, mist covered mountains will reveal lush green slopes…
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