Journey to Shimla
Shimla with its colonian charm

Shimla, the erstwhile summer capital of British India,  is a spectacular hillstation 370 kms from Delhi (117 kms from Chandigarh and 280 kms from Manali, India). You can reach there by train or road. The railways operates Express trains from Delhi to Kalka via Chandigarh. Janshatabdi Rajadhani Express may be a good choice to Kalka. From Kalka toy trains are available to shimla via Solan. This route from Kalka to Shimla climbs through the mountanious terrain zig-zagging behind hills and valleys and passing through several tunnels.

It might take about eight hours to reach Shimla from luxury coaches or taxis. Private buses are available from Delhi, Manali and Chandigarh. Shimla is the capital of the State of Himachal Pradesh in India.
Pinjore Gardens
From Chandigarh:
 After a  quick tour of Chandigarh, we took the road to Solan. In Chandigarh the rock garden is a marvellous creation by Nek Chand. It is a fantasy park full of rock sculptures.On the way to Solan is the Pingore gardens.

The Mogul gardens of Pinjore is one of the loveliest and oldest gardens of Northern India. The gardens are laid out on seven terraces that gradually discends to the distance. The main gateway opening to the gardens is the highest terrace of them all. In the middle there is a line up of fountains, traversing the terraces.

Timber Trail:
After a short ride from Pinjore gardens, we broke journey to take a timber trail up the hill at Parwanoo. While going up, we could see the hills and mountains far way.

At the top, there is a place to stay and a park with some amusemental rides. After sightseeking, we went down the timber trail and rode direct to Solan Railway Station to catch the toy train to Shimla.

Timber TrailToy Train:
The toy train takes you up the hills through winding narrow guage railway line.On the way are woods lined up with pine and deodar trees. There are  also small towns, tunnels and railway stations of vintage charm.

Towards the north of Shimla lie the snow covered high ranges. The valleys abound with whispering streams and swaying fields.

The town is dotted with cottages, restaurants and charming walks besides a variety of shopping, sport and entertainment facilities. The Mall is central to these.

Seven hills enhancing the beauty of the surroundings are integral to Shimla. They are 1) The Prospect Hill, located in western Shimla which showcases the temple of Kamna Devi.2) The Summer Hill, located in western Shimla, which has the campus of the Himachal Pradesh University. 3) The Observatory Hill, located in western Shimla which holds the esate of the Indian Institute of Advanced study. 4) Mount Pleasant, located in western shimla whose top showcases the State Museum at Inverarm. 5) Bantony, located in central Shimla which showcases a Grand Hotel. 6) Jakhoo, located in central Shimla, which is crowned by the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.7) Elysium, located in north western Shimla, which showcases the Auckland House School and Longwood, and reaches out towards the Bharasipur.