NELLIAMPATHY-- for a bird's eye view of the forests and estates
Tropical Forest
Nelliampathy, about 60 kms from Palakkad, is known for its estates and mountain peaks. You can have a panoramic view of tea, coffee and cardamom plantations all around this hill station besides the Orange and Vegetable Farm of Kerala Government. (December is the season for oranges.)

The journey through the Ghat road begins a few kilometres from Nenmara, a town you can reach either from Thrissur (50 km) or Palakkad.(25 km)  by road. The Pothundi Irrigation Dam, with a garden in front, is about 8 km from Nemmara on the way to Nelliampathy. Pothundi is a 19th century dam with special features. It is basically an earth and rubble dam with a concrete core. A special mixture of lime and jaggery was used as cement.
Manpara PeakAs you climb the Ghat road, you get a wide-angle view of Pothundi Dam through the deciduous forests. A bird's eye view of the dam can also be obtained from Kesavanpara, up on the hills. Kesavanpara is a picnic spot just a few kilometres away from the Orange farm.

Nelliampathy (Nelliampathis) refers to a broad array of hills with altitudes ranging from nearly 500 metres to well over 1500 metres above the mean sea level. The first point at the end of the hairpin curves on the Ghat road is the Kaikatty, which is just over 25 km from Nenmara. Then comes, the Orange Farm, Pulayanpara and Seethargundu. The highest peak in the range is Nellikotta (also called Padagiri) which is 1585.08 metres above sea level.

Besides Kesavanpara, there are other picnic spots like Sittargundu and Manpara at Nelliampathy. Sittargundu is on the way to Manpara. One can see rolling hills with cardamom, tea and coffee plantations on the way. As you go further the road gets rough. The journey is not for the faint hearted. It is difficult to travel to Manpara during rainy season as the road full of boulders would turn muddy.

From Manpara, you can have a breath taking view of farmlands, dams and forests below as if from an aeroplane. It would be like touching the skies when there are cloud formations. One can take photographs with the clouds as background. At least one of the estates on the way, discourage photography and that could be a dampener for many a tourists. Photography is prohibited at the Pothundi dam also though the dam could be photographed from several vantage points above.

Palakkad Municipal road to Vazhakadavu 1.6 km
Pushing the jeep up

The road to Manpara may turn slippery during rainy season and you may have to push your vehicle up the road.
Vazhakadavu - Kuzhalmannom
3.0 km
Kuzhalmannam - Koduvayur 7.9 km
Koduvayur - Vithinassery 11.7 km
Vithinassery - Nemmara 2.8 km
Nemmara - Kaikatty 26.1 km
Kaikatty - Orange & Vegetable Farm 2.2 km
Orange Farm - Manpara (approx.)
15   km

Every year hundreds of people visit Nelliampathy to admire its spectacular views. The Nenmara Vellangi festival also attracts many people. However, it is to be remembered that Nelliampathis have little more to offer other than its estates, picnic spots and trekking paths. Jeeps can be hired for a one-way trip up the hills from Nenmara for about Rs. 200 or so.

A four-wheel driven jeep is must for the trip to Manpara unless you prefer to walk. It is better to hire locally from Pulayanpara. The rates could be as high as Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 for a two-way trip. (You can go by car upto Seethargundu which is about 5 km from Pulayanpara).

There area a few resorts around including one run by the Palakkad District Tourism Promotion Council close to the Orange Farm. A visit may be worth it if you are already in Thrissur or Palakkad in Kerala or Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.